I’m so depressed

so depressing, unfair.
i didn’t get to see him 😦
looking EVERYWHERE just so that we can find him.
around CBD, Darling Harbour, Opera House, the Bondi Beach.
i really want to see him.


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I almost lost hope….

this is more of a personal post…

well, the other day i lost all hope knowing that the bookstore i often go to has their last MIROTIC PHOTOBOOK on reserve and all stock in seoul is currently sold out…

then the 19th of may came… MY BIRTHDAY !!! and you would never guess what i got…; MIROTIC PHOTOBOOK !!! (ok, probably you did guess?) and that reservation, was my friend’s reservation!

lucky huh?

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Stop! In the name of LOVE.

This has been a draft since the 13th of October, so I think it’s best to finally post this, even though you all probably heard about this already.

On “Happy Together” announced to the public that they would STRONGLY appreciate it if Cassies STOP harrasing them. “That day, Micky Yoochun and Uknow Yunho who also appeared alongside Youngwoong Jaejoong also confessed that “The members each found out where they get touched the most especially. For Xiah Junsu, it’s the butt. For me, it’s the chest and arms. It’s not even like they are touching lightly, they touch to the point that they are almost massaging which shocked us more than just a few times. This caused the people there to be surprised”

I know it is VERY VERY hard to resist temptation. I mean, just look at them ! But we really do need to respect them, they are human beings too (i know that’s hard to believe) but it’s true. As Cassies we should show some respect. Please make the boys proud of us. I mean don’t you see what happens if you do fall into temptation…. Examples:

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Spring/Summer Fashion 2008

I’ve only posted one post under fashion, so I decided to post another dedicated to jilly. It was difficult looking for Spring fashion (for it is Spring in Australia) when the current Korean fashion is Autumn and Winter. Well, this is the closest I can get.

This outfit is a cute look, with a little icon of Walt Disney’s Mickey Mouse. The model has a haircut the many Korean celebrities have, the famous Bowl Cut. (Taemin, Seo In-young, Kim Shin Young, and Shindong have the same style).

The short resembles Mickey Mouse a lot, except in a different colour. The shoes and socks match well with the top (white and yellow), making this outfit well coordinated.

credits; susie kim.

Since summer is coming up, I believe that this is great for beachwear (even though I would not be caught dead wearing this), but this orange bikini-like ensemble is good for those with confident slender bodies. I found this on susie kim, but I have no idea they categorized this as a “party dress”. I have never seen someone wear anything like this to a party before, maybe I haven’t gone to enough parties. Is it just me, or does this outfit reminds you of Lee Hyori.

Since it’s the middle of spring, this floral dress is simply magnifique, for it resembles this wonderful season, where all the flowers are in bloom. The pink band under the bust is good for those who aren’t so curvy, for it brings in the dress at that area, giving more shape to those who need it. As well as the pencil skirt-like cut at the bottom of the dress.

credits; susie kim

Yellow, the colour of the sand, sunflowers and the sun. Great colour for the beach, or simply going out. Not to make it dull, there is a print of a woman’s face in grey/black in the centre. The model is wearing it with pants, but if your confident with your legs you could just wear it as it is at the beach, to have that great beach look, and not get too hot (accompanied with a bikini top underneath, of course).

credits; yesstyle

Light grey colour frilled one piece hoodie, make me want to workout. I think I’d buy that to walk along the beach in, I have no idea why? But it’s a fun outfit and comfortable to go out in.

credits; susie kim

Brightly coloured, fun and comfortable. Perfect for this season of fashion. I see this ensemble been worn by pool or when your outdoors with friends. Something that is great for any casual occasion this season.

credit; yesstyle

This is a very long post. I think the longest ! Hope this is enough fashion, until next time.

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Back, for their ‘Last Match’

I just noticed that I have posted many post for DBSK and Super Junior, and one or two post for other categories. So I decided to put more other posts in, (even though I’m craving to write more about DBSK).

Well, F.T. Island is back with a second album called “Colourful Sensibility Part. 2.” The first single off this album is called ‘Last Match,’ (no, this is not their last album or single) and as usual their music video has a story behind it, but this time it’s different. It is not a music video of 5 minutes or so. No, no, no. It’s a music drama and is going to approx. be 20 mins long! It is directed Yoon Hong-Seung (aka Chang), director of “Bloody Midterms“.

All of them look great, from what I can tell, for the shots are very quick and the slow close-ups of them their faces are half covered. Even though the person that really captured my attention was Jonghoon, but I don’t know if it’s because I immediately drowned into his eyes, or because he was the first person shown in detail. Minhwan’s hair looks like a bush, Honggi’s hair has grown really quickly (which is a shame because I loved his more masculine short hair from ‘After Love’ mv), Jaejin still looks the same and Wonbin isn’t shown very often in the preview.

The preview definitely grasped my attention and the boys just made it more irresistible to watch. The music drama is set to be released Oct. 13 on mnet.com. Everyone note that down onto your calendars and keep your eyes peeled. Don’t worry, I will post it here asap.

credits; jinnienomuyeppo-youtube

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Behind the scars.

Received an email from Multiply, giving me a video of the behind the scenes of the ‘Haru Haru’ MV of Big Bang. It’s not subbed, but i found it extremely adorable how positive and cute they are, even though they have been working for hours and are suppose to film a very depressing and serious music video. I just wanted to share it with you..

click here

Here’s ‘Haru Haru’ mv.

This is Big Bang’s new song for Japan, ‘Number 1’. I love it because it’s upbeat and not so depressing, and in English !! Still good even though it’s a little freshie, but better English then some (aka BoA), but don’t get me wrong, I still love her.

credits; ptdragon777-youtube, mochaballad-youtube, spazzes.

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Mirotic is so Erotic..

Every person in the world must admit that you absolutely cannot resist the way their bodies move and look, and their eyes’ gaze allowing you to look into their soul. It’s absolutely irresistable.

The boys, I mean men (just look at their build), have done not only themselves but us Cassiopeians extremely proud, with pre-orders alone being over 300,000, breaking the old pre-order record of 150,000 copies which was also their other album “”O”‐正.反.合.”

‘TVXQ, Deep Seoul Insight congratulates you on your success. Your extremely hard work is paying off and there is still more to expect in the near future. I respect you all and your work. Each one of you; Yunho, Jaejoong, Changmin, Micky and Junsu, are all individually gifted and God has blessed you each greatly. Now the world blessed for you’re all able to share your talent with us. TVXQ’s persistence to always do more, do better, touches my heart greatly. Though there are many adversities in the past, present and future, together you overcome it, no matter how great or small and that is what truly makes you the most respected and best.”

Now, back to the readers. Here is the MV, photos of their performances in the Asian Song Festival and comeback, etc. Plus, BUY MIROTIC! It’s not a waste of money and your can get a photo album OR a DVD if you understand Korean. It is worth every cent. Believe me.

“021008 Mnet countdown”


ps. more to upload, but its late atm.. keep coming back to this post i’ll make posts to go back here whenever i update. thankyou

credits to; Sumberlosy-youtube, and fangirlmitz-blogspot.

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Now I feel extremely ashamed that i havent blogged since APRIL ! i think i need to hire someone to give me a pinch EVERYDAY! to remind me.. well i’ll try my best to remember… thank you to the people who still read my old post and comment ! dw… i’ll try hard to blog religiously!!

mysterious seoul

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Latest DBSK perve…

Approximately 30 minutes ago, I was roaming through various sites, gazing upon every inch of DBSK’s bodies at their ‘O’ concert… and BOY ! don’t I need to move to Shanghai ! Well, these are the two photos that REALLY captured my attention! I bet when you see these you’ll instantly say: “DAY-EM!”

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Super Junior-M. Hwaiting

A companion of mine has recently sent me a new link to a new blog dedicated to Super Junior-M (Super Junior in Mandarin), and honestly I think it’s appalling to see Elves act so savagely. Elves are there to support Super Junior through everything, thick or thin. Elves, I am telling you now that Super Junior will always remains as they are, I mean most of you didn’t complain when KyuHyun joined and now suddenly you are bagging out two innocent human beings and for what? They are just a sub-group. LeeTeuk will always be your angel, HeeChul will always be your Cinderella, HanKyung will always be your dragon, YeSung will always be your doggie, KangIn will always be your strength, ShinDong will always be your happiness, SungMin will always be your cutie, EunHyuk will always be your jewel, DongHae will always be your fishy, SiWon will always be horsie, RyeoWook will always be your eternal magnae, KiBum will always be your mature and KyuHyun will always be your magnae. That will never change! So please just support Super Junior-M, just like Super Junior want you to do, if you really love Super Junior then you would do that. I mean what is there to lose? Super Junior won’t change, plus Henry and Zhoumi are quite hot, you must admit. So, mandarin “U”, fighting. Super Junior, fighting, and of course, Super Junior-M FIGHTING !

Elves please just watch their new MV, you won’t be disappointed.

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