Super Junior-M. Hwaiting

April 8, 2008 mysterious.seoul

A companion of mine has recently sent me a new link to a new blog dedicated to Super Junior-M (Super Junior in Mandarin), and honestly I think it’s appalling to see Elves act so savagely. Elves are there to support Super Junior through everything, thick or thin. Elves, I am telling you now that Super Junior will always remains as they are, I mean most of you didn’t complain when KyuHyun joined and now suddenly you are bagging out two innocent human beings and for what? They are just a sub-group. LeeTeuk will always be your angel, HeeChul will always be your Cinderella, HanKyung will always be your dragon, YeSung will always be your doggie, KangIn will always be your strength, ShinDong will always be your happiness, SungMin will always be your cutie, EunHyuk will always be your jewel, DongHae will always be your fishy, SiWon will always be horsie, RyeoWook will always be your eternal magnae, KiBum will always be your mature and KyuHyun will always be your magnae. That will never change! So please just support Super Junior-M, just like Super Junior want you to do, if you really love Super Junior then you would do that. I mean what is there to lose? Super Junior won’t change, plus Henry and Zhoumi are quite hot, you must admit. So, mandarin “U”, fighting. Super Junior, fighting, and of course, Super Junior-M FIGHTING !

Elves please just watch their new MV, you won’t be disappointed.


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  • 1. kir-xiah  |  June 2, 2008 at 7:28 pm


    THEY ARE THE AWESOMENESS.. hmm wonder who your friend is.?? ANYWAYS~!!

    SUJU M ~!! RULE>.. ONLY13 DROOLS << sounds lame but YEAH~!!

  • 2. anonymous  |  July 30, 2009 at 8:03 pm

    I love Super Junior as well as Super Junior M!!!

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