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Super Junior-M. Hwaiting

A companion of mine has recently sent me a new link to a new blog dedicated to Super Junior-M (Super Junior in Mandarin), and honestly I think it’s appalling to see Elves act so savagely. Elves are there to support Super Junior through everything, thick or thin. Elves, I am telling you now that Super Junior will always remains as they are, I mean most of you didn’t complain when KyuHyun joined and now suddenly you are bagging out two innocent human beings and for what? They are just a sub-group. LeeTeuk will always be your angel, HeeChul will always be your Cinderella, HanKyung will always be your dragon, YeSung will always be your doggie, KangIn will always be your strength, ShinDong will always be your happiness, SungMin will always be your cutie, EunHyuk will always be your jewel, DongHae will always be your fishy, SiWon will always be horsie, RyeoWook will always be your eternal magnae, KiBum will always be your mature and KyuHyun will always be your magnae. That will never change! So please just support Super Junior-M, just like Super Junior want you to do, if you really love Super Junior then you would do that. I mean what is there to lose? Super Junior won’t change, plus Henry and Zhoumi are quite hot, you must admit. So, mandarin “U”, fighting. Super Junior, fighting, and of course, Super Junior-M FIGHTING !

Elves please just watch their new MV, you won’t be disappointed.


2 comments April 8, 2008

What’s their problem?

I’m literally crying at the moment, because I’ve read the most horrible news in my life, aside from the U-know Yunho poisoning. Seriously? What is wrong with anti-fans? They are scaring the life out of me. I have a weak heart and I’m completely worried for Korean bands, I feel like the “omma” that needs to protect them, because these anti-fans are forceful attackers. Well, back to the story… Anti-fans made up a rumor saying that Lee Hong-Ki (the sexy lead singer of F.T. Island) said the following about Super Junior/DBSK:

Super Junior has the worst singers, worst dancers, and they are so ugly. They always lip-sync and their dance moves are so dumb. They look so old and they aren’t even cute. They think they’re funny, cute and loveable but they are not! The members are so fat, esp. their pig, Shindong. i hate Super Junior! They are the worst band ever like DBSk/TVXQ. Hee Chul- broadcasting can eat your age. It’s nice when you only look good. When i saw him at the waiting room, he looked like a grandfather with wrinkles (some other stuff)….Ryeo Wook- Son of a pig, he stopped dieting and got liposuction, didn’t he? Did us all a favor… Ye Sung- Do I need any words? Is that a even face?

What FT Island’s lead vocal, HongKi said to DBSK/TVXQ:
YunHo- Go back to your home, nobody wants you here.
JaeJoong- Go open a restaurant with your nunas.
JunSu- I hate hearing your voice, do you think your like the Kim JongKook, or what?!
YooChun- Go Back to America, nobody wants you here. I heard your parents got divorced you orphan *curse word*.
You sing for *the S curse* and your tall for now reason. Last time, you
were in a rush and you pushed KyuHyun hyung and you didn’t even say sorry to him.


Don’t they have a life? Can’t they do something better with their time? Instead of giving unnecessary commenting towards world-wide adored bands. F.T. Island’s cute and sexy members aren’t that stupid to do that, after debut, and Hong Ki is even good friends with Yunho and Kangin. I would start anti-fans against anti-fans, but that’s too immoral so I’m just going to give the talented bands all the love their deserve, and strongly fight along beside them.


12 comments November 3, 2007






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