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Poor BoA..


BoA has recently confessed that she has been suffering mild depression, due to her busy schedules and long hours of work. Since here 2006 album “OUTGROW” she has felt that she has lost her sense of identity. She no longer enjoys singing and performing on stage. She only has the constant thought in her mind that she is never going to give up her dream to begin studying in the U.S. at the age of 25… BoA never give up, pursue your dream, you have come this far and nothing can get in your way.

1 comment December 14, 2007

What’s on this Friday…?

SMTOWN 2007 Winter Project. The album officially comes out this Friday, the 7th of the December. The tracks include:

01. 사랑 하나죠 (Only Love) – SM TOWN
02. 12
(On December 27) – BoA*
03. Evergreen –
(First Snow) – Super Junior
05. We Wish You A Merry Christmas & Feliz Navidad –
06. Winter WOnderland – KANGTA
07. Love Melody –
08. Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas –
눈꽃이 날리면 (When snow scatters) – 추가열
(Chu Gayeol)
10. Oh Holy night –
(Jang Riin)
유년의 크리스마스 (Christmas of Childhood) – 송광식
(Song Gwangsik)
여행기 (TRAVELING) – 동방신기 (Bonus Track) (DBSK)

I can’t wait for this, because Leaving for Vacation was great this year and now they have another member to the family… The talented SNSD! I can’t wait to witness what they colloaborated.


2 comments December 5, 2007

BoA and Tablo sitting in the tree…


On KBS 2 Celebrity Hook-up, BoA and Tablo (Epik High) dicussed the matter of Tablo taking ONE WHOLE DAY to return BoA text message. He exclaimed (jokingly) “For 12 hours, I was still in disbelief that she texted me and for the next 12 hours, I’m busy bragging to other members.” I think they would make a great couple, hopefully they’ll go that far, but they are great as close friends to. But as a couple they can really connect and it would be good if BoA had someone to love (more than a friend or fan).

1 comment December 4, 2007

SM reunion

BoA, Super Junior’s Eeteuk, Kangin and Siwon. As well as DBSK’s Yunho and Micky, gathered to attend the Korean Cultural Industry Policy Meeting (organised by the government) to listen to the talks regarding the selection of Korea’s Cultural Ambassador. Personally, with BoA never-ending popularity on the rise, she would be a great model to take on the role, providing awareness to more people about Korea’s culture, worldwide.



I think this gathering is great for BoA and Micky, since they are very close friends and haven’t seen each other very often, due to schedules. It’s great to see such a smile on BoA’s face.

Add a comment November 27, 2007

What not to wear… TO A CONFERENCE!

Jin Bora

I may be bias because I don’t know her… BUT! Jin Bora is surrounded by good-looking people in sophisticated outfits, and she “rocks up” like this? Might as well turn up in a bridal dress, then she would be able to blend in with them, since BoA is too pretty for her own good. She definitely sticks out like a sore thumb. I feel quite embarrassed for Bora, because this appearance cannot do. Why couldn’t she just run home and change?

7 comments November 8, 2007


I have no doubt that this CF will be a cause for Samsung’s future sudden rise in sales. With Miss. BoA Kwon, spending her precious time in Brazil for the shoot, who can doubt. Junsu is so sexy, with the hot glasses and that facial expression that makes you want to have more. I can’t wait to see what Epik High’s talented Tablo will produce now, being that he has been hiding to film new dramas and not been writing more of those deeply thought songs. This is also something that will promote Bora, due to the fact i never knew she existed, so being with these top stars will really get her popularity rising.

Isn’t Junsu hot?

1 comment November 2, 2007






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