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Stop! In the name of LOVE.

This has been a draft since the 13th of October, so I think it’s best to finally post this, even though you all probably heard about this already.

On “Happy Together” announced to the public that they would STRONGLY appreciate it if Cassies STOP harrasing them. “That day, Micky Yoochun and Uknow Yunho who also appeared alongside Youngwoong Jaejoong also confessed that “The members each found out where they get touched the most especially. For Xiah Junsu, it’s the butt. For me, it’s the chest and arms. It’s not even like they are touching lightly, they touch to the point that they are almost massaging which shocked us more than just a few times. This caused the people there to be surprised”

I know it is VERY VERY hard to resist temptation. I mean, just look at them ! But we really do need to respect them, they are human beings too (i know that’s hard to believe) but it’s true. As Cassies we should show some respect. Please make the boys proud of us. I mean don’t you see what happens if you do fall into temptation…. Examples:


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Mirotic is so Erotic..

Every person in the world must admit that you absolutely cannot resist the way their bodies move and look, and their eyes’ gaze allowing you to look into their soul. It’s absolutely irresistable.

The boys, I mean men (just look at their build), have done not only themselves but us Cassiopeians extremely proud, with pre-orders alone being over 300,000, breaking the old pre-order record of 150,000 copies which was also their other album “”O”‐正.反.合.”

‘TVXQ, Deep Seoul Insight congratulates you on your success. Your extremely hard work is paying off and there is still more to expect in the near future. I respect you all and your work. Each one of you; Yunho, Jaejoong, Changmin, Micky and Junsu, are all individually gifted and God has blessed you each greatly. Now the world blessed for you’re all able to share your talent with us. TVXQ’s persistence to always do more, do better, touches my heart greatly. Though there are many adversities in the past, present and future, together you overcome it, no matter how great or small and that is what truly makes you the most respected and best.”

Now, back to the readers. Here is the MV, photos of their performances in the Asian Song Festival and comeback, etc. Plus, BUY MIROTIC! It’s not a waste of money and your can get a photo album OR a DVD if you understand Korean. It is worth every cent. Believe me.

“021008 Mnet countdown”


ps. more to upload, but its late atm.. keep coming back to this post i’ll make posts to go back here whenever i update. thankyou

credits to; Sumberlosy-youtube, and fangirlmitz-blogspot.

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Latest DBSK perve…

Approximately 30 minutes ago, I was roaming through various sites, gazing upon every inch of DBSK’s bodies at their ‘O’ concert… and BOY ! don’t I need to move to Shanghai ! Well, these are the two photos that REALLY captured my attention! I bet when you see these you’ll instantly say: “DAY-EM!”

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Changminnie, I think all the cute things you do are taking over this blog!

changminiescuteWithout the knowledge of the media and SM entertainment, Shim (Choikang) Changmin went to the East Sea oil spillage to help clean up. He’s really a genuine guy, I still can’t believe that he’s never had a first love yet… who wouldn’t want this pretty face, sexy bod and heart of gold that is already in a very tall package?

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Happy 4th Anniversary !!


(To the melody of the 12 days of Christmas) On the 26th of December, SM entertainment gave to the world….. 5 Gods of the East…

Dong Bang Shin Ki’s debut was in the year 2003, on Boxing day we now celebrate 4 years of success ! We must be happy for all the joy they gave to us these four years, working hard to please our needs (=P), enduring all pain whilst passing all obstacles that were ahead of them.


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Changminnie gets even cuter..

Here’s a diary entry of DBSK’s Changmin in 1999, when he was 11 (how cute^^). IT says how much he hates studying, and the red bit is him marking his own diary entry. How HILARIOUS!


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What’s on this Friday…?

SMTOWN 2007 Winter Project. The album officially comes out this Friday, the 7th of the December. The tracks include:

01. 사랑 하나죠 (Only Love) – SM TOWN
02. 12
(On December 27) – BoA*
03. Evergreen –
(First Snow) – Super Junior
05. We Wish You A Merry Christmas & Feliz Navidad –
06. Winter WOnderland – KANGTA
07. Love Melody –
08. Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas –
눈꽃이 날리면 (When snow scatters) – 추가열
(Chu Gayeol)
10. Oh Holy night –
(Jang Riin)
유년의 크리스마스 (Christmas of Childhood) – 송광식
(Song Gwangsik)
여행기 (TRAVELING) – 동방신기 (Bonus Track) (DBSK)

I can’t wait for this, because Leaving for Vacation was great this year and now they have another member to the family… The talented SNSD! I can’t wait to witness what they colloaborated.


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SM reunion

BoA, Super Junior’s Eeteuk, Kangin and Siwon. As well as DBSK’s Yunho and Micky, gathered to attend the Korean Cultural Industry Policy Meeting (organised by the government) to listen to the talks regarding the selection of Korea’s Cultural Ambassador. Personally, with BoA never-ending popularity on the rise, she would be a great model to take on the role, providing awareness to more people about Korea’s culture, worldwide.



I think this gathering is great for BoA and Micky, since they are very close friends and haven’t seen each other very often, due to schedules. It’s great to see such a smile on BoA’s face.

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Jaeho… Has a kid?

I was looking at my trustworthy source Cindy-Donghae-Lover’s pictures, and came across JaeHo’s story in Japan. It’s really funny, I love Yunho, but this story is too funny, it make me want them to be together. It’s a really good comic strip. Thank-you Cindy-Donghae-Lover.

1comic 2comic

3comic 4comic

5comic 6comic


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Here’s part two…

yunho and changmin

– What will your respective roles be when you go on a camp?
CM: I’ll be director. I’ll only be giving orders.
YH: I’ll help out everything a bit.

– Just now when I interviewed the previous 3, they said you both will be in your tents.
CM: Oh really?
YH: I’ll help out by putting up the tent.
CM: We two will give orders, because this way the 3 of them will do more work than us.
YH: And they’ve got one more person, so we’ll take charge.

– Actually you 5 haven’t been on a camp together before so have you had that thought of going on one?

YH: Of course.

– Seems difficult to spend some time during summer?
YH: Yup. It’s a pity but our schedule is packed.
CM: Packed.
YH: It’s a little impossible this time round but if we can go next year I would like to go.

– Now, if you were in the same class, what positions would you be?
YH: Monitor.

– Oh, it’s the class counsellor thing rite?
CM: Assistant manager.

– Junsu wants to be the class counsellor.
YH: No way.
CM: Yunho hyung has a little more leadership skill than Junsu.

– Only a little?
CM: Actually as a leader, he’s okay.
YH: Junsu can be in charge of playing.
Cm: A duty to not prevent things from happening within the level.
YH: the smaller role Junsu plays, the better it is.
CM: He helps best in not preventing things from happening.
YH: Certainly. Jaejoong will be in charge of food, and Yuchun ..
CM: Cleaning. He’s best at tidying up things.

– Ah so it’s true. I thought it was a joke cracked by the three of them previously and Changmin?

CM: I just wanna be seen in class, to just be a normal member of the class.
YH: That’s lonesome, seems like it’s quite good to be normal member of the class.

– Yunho, don’t you have an assignment for Changmin?
YH: Director, seems like he can give good orders.

– What if you 5 really become classmates will you befriend each other?
YH: definitely.

– Previously the three of them were not definite about being friends.
YH: Really? Seems like I will be friends though ..

– Who will be the quickest to get a friend?
YH: That’s difficult.
CM: Hahahaha. I wanna be more confident to increase my friendliness.

– Eh?
CM: Sorry.
YH: our characters are rather different but it seemed like we got along well. maybe it’s because we are so good now that it might be a different situation when we are in school.

– If you were to be cameraman, producer, manager, lightings, which would you choose?
YH: Lightings, because whether the artistes turn out to look good will all be due to the lightings. Although everyone usually know about the director or producers .. They usually neglect the lightings, but lightings play an important role in the production so I wanna help artistes that way.

– So you feel empathetic towards the lightings staffs, which is why you say this?
YH: Yea, most people don’t know but the lightings are really an important role I think.
CM: I wanna be cameraman, actually I’m interested in cameras and because when you view your own works in future, you will have a lot of nice memories. That’s why I wanna try photography.

– Then what about the previous 3?
YH: Yuchun shall be sound manager.
CM: Jaejoong shall be .. cleaner.

– Ah, so to Changmin, it’s Jaejoong cleaning instead of Yuchun?
CM: yup, and Junsu .. a person who does nothing.
YH: I object. Jaejoong should be coordinator.
CM: Or stylist is good too.
YH: It would be good if Junsu does nothing. Haha. It’s a joke. A joke.
CM: Junsu shall be assistant.

– Junsu can’t be a main?
CM: It would be better if he doesn’t be one.
YH: Junsu would work well with the stage director.

– That was good because he promoted from an assistant.
CM: That doesn’t change my view.

– What are your respective nicknames?
YH: We don’t have any in Japanese but we’ve got a lot in Korean. Changmin’s changdol. It has a cute meaning to it when we say it out.
CM: But it doesn’t have any meaning to it ..
YH: It’s the pronounciation of it.
CM: Yunho doesn’t have any.
YH: Not amongst the members.
CM: But he told us that amongst his friends they call him Yunja and we’ve seen it for ourselves too because we’re younger so we don’t call him names.
YH: is “hyung” considered?

– Yuchun said he’s called skull. It’s good that you both have safe names.

CM: Ah. We also do have that sort of names.
YH: Hahahahaha.
CM: But I can’t say.

– What kinds of animals would you describe each other to be?
YH: they must have said that I’m like a rat, but I think, not tiger, nor cheetah, a kind of panther? A black panther, because a panther seems to be the kind which works hard to reach its goal.

– Oh oh perhaps!! The others said that you resemble a tiger. It’s quite similar.
YH: Yea. Junsu’s a hyena.
CM: And I’m a giraffe. [now that he mentions it]
YH: Hahahaha!

– You’re tall and you’ve got large eyes .. it’s so true.

CM: Yea and if you haven noticed, my neck’s longer than an average human being. [I’ve always admired him for his courage to say this sort of things]

– The rest said you to be a stag. It’s quite similar.. Based on the gentleness of the creatures.

CM: That’s good. Yea.

– Who would win when you fight for the TV?
CM: Probably Yuchun. Normally when he says something it’s usually with authority.
YH: Same. Yuchun is quicker than anyone else in DBSK when it comes to that.

– Other members said that you two watch TV a lot. So what types of programs do you watch?
CM: Music shows, music station, music fighter, etc.
YH: Movies. I like to watch movies.

– If you were to go to a deserted island, who would you bring?

CM: No one. I don’t want anyone of them to have a hard time.

– Oh, even your mentality is so kind.
YH: I’ll bring Jaejoong along because he can cook.

– What about one person you wouldn’t wanna bring?
YH: Changmin because there will be a scramble for food.

– But you’re saying it in front of him right now.
JJ: Yup. Controlling the island and it will be good like now.

CM: I won’t bring Junsu because he won’t do anything.

– Junsu’s character seems to be like that. Even previously while interviewing the three of them I found that Junsu is really unpopular amongst you all. Can you both please guide me on about this?
YH: Junsu has an independent character so it’s okay to say all these.
CM: I don’t need any help with this. Junsu hyung needs to reflect upon this.

– Jaejoong said that he would bring Changmin along because you can swim well so he could ride on you to escape. What do you think about this?
CM: I’m so sorry. I’ll swim and escape myself.
YH: What a waste. Jaejoong made the wrong choice.

– If you were to roam around the island, what would you do first?
CM: I’ll scout around for what’s on the island.
YH: Build a boat immediately so I could show it to Jaejoong.

– and the person who will be most likely to adapt in the environment?
CM: Jaejoong, because he has a strong will to live and he will bring along a strong mindset to live.
YH: Yuchun is the quickest. he can do well in everything so it won’t be too difficult. Junsu will be the most unadaptable one because he has a strong dignity so even on a deserted island he will be relaxed and all so he probably won’t do well.

Credits FULLY if taking out! Thanks!

Credits: ato tvxq subtitles team + CassiopeiaSG + capri-shiqi@Cyxion, strawberrychoc@ CF
Japanese – Korean: ato tvxq subtitles team
Korean – English: CassiopeiaSG

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