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Spring/Summer Fashion 2008

I’ve only posted one post under fashion, so I decided to post another dedicated to jilly. It was difficult looking for Spring fashion (for it is Spring in Australia) when the current Korean fashion is Autumn and Winter. Well, this is the closest I can get.

This outfit is a cute look, with a little icon of Walt Disney’s Mickey Mouse. The model has a haircut the many Korean celebrities have, the famous Bowl Cut. (Taemin, Seo In-young, Kim Shin Young, and Shindong have the same style).

The short resembles Mickey Mouse a lot, except in a different colour. The shoes and socks match well with the top (white and yellow), making this outfit well coordinated.

credits; susie kim.

Since summer is coming up, I believe that this is great for beachwear (even though I would not be caught dead wearing this), but this orange bikini-like ensemble is good for those with confident slender bodies. I found this on susie kim, but I have no idea they categorized this as a “party dress”. I have never seen someone wear anything like this to a party before, maybe I haven’t gone to enough parties. Is it just me, or does this outfit reminds you of Lee Hyori.

Since it’s the middle of spring, this floral dress is simply magnifique, for it resembles this wonderful season, where all the flowers are in bloom. The pink band under the bust is good for those who aren’t so curvy, for it brings in the dress at that area, giving more shape to those who need it. As well as the pencil skirt-like cut at the bottom of the dress.

credits; susie kim

Yellow, the colour of the sand, sunflowers and the sun. Great colour for the beach, or simply going out. Not to make it dull, there is a print of a woman’s face in grey/black in the centre. The model is wearing it with pants, but if your confident with your legs you could just wear it as it is at the beach, to have that great beach look, and not get too hot (accompanied with a bikini top underneath, of course).

credits; yesstyle

Light grey colour frilled one piece hoodie, make me want to workout. I think I’d buy that to walk along the beach in, I have no idea why? But it’s a fun outfit and comfortable to go out in.

credits; susie kim

Brightly coloured, fun and comfortable. Perfect for this season of fashion. I see this ensemble been worn by pool or when your outdoors with friends. Something that is great for any casual occasion this season.

credit; yesstyle

This is a very long post. I think the longest ! Hope this is enough fashion, until next time.


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I said I’d talk fashion, so here it is….

Here’s some new outfits by the Korean brands Noorook and Gaksultang, these are obviously winter clothings because its winter there in South Korea, but I really enjoy looking at these new styles and here are some of the outfits that stood out for my personal taste. These are some of the Noorook products:


This is a Strip Knitted Long Vest valued at US$22.00 (AUD$25.00).


A Genuine Fur Trimmed Knitted Jacket valued at US$68.00 (AUS$77.35).


This is a Frill Layered Checkered Dress valued at US$55.00 (AUS$62.60).


These are two types of Wool shorts valued at US$28.00 (AUS$31.85)

The images below are now four outstanding clothing items of GakSultang.


These are button Point Tailored Jackets of two different colours (black and grey) valued at US$88.00 (AUS$100.10)


This is a Genuine Fur Trimmed Jacket valued at US$50.00 (AUD$56.80).


I like this dress, I don’t know why because I wouldn’t wear it myself, but I really like. It’s a Frilled Layered Dress with a Built In Bra valued at US$55.00 (AUS$62.60)


A Knitted Long Hoodie Jacket (available in colours black and grey) valued at US$52.00 (AUD$59.20).

Credits to: (where you can purchase these items)

(PS The postage price isn’t included in the prices above.)

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