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Back, for their ‘Last Match’

I just noticed that I have posted many post for DBSK and Super Junior, and one or two post for other categories. So I decided to put more other posts in, (even though I’m craving to write more about DBSK).

Well, F.T. Island is back with a second album called “Colourful Sensibility Part. 2.” The first single off this album is called ‘Last Match,’ (no, this is not their last album or single) and as usual their music video has a story behind it, but this time it’s different. It is not a music video of 5 minutes or so. No, no, no. It’s a music drama and is going to approx. be 20 mins long! It is directed Yoon Hong-Seung (aka Chang), director of “Bloody Midterms“.

All of them look great, from what I can tell, for the shots are very quick and the slow close-ups of them their faces are half covered. Even though the person that really captured my attention was Jonghoon, but I don’t know if it’s because I immediately drowned into his eyes, or because he was the first person shown in detail. Minhwan’s hair looks like a bush, Honggi’s hair has grown really quickly (which is a shame because I loved his more masculine short hair from ‘After Love’ mv), Jaejin still looks the same and Wonbin isn’t shown very often in the preview.

The preview definitely grasped my attention and the boys just made it more irresistible to watch. The music drama is set to be released Oct. 13 on Everyone note that down onto your calendars and keep your eyes peeled. Don’t worry, I will post it here asap.

credits; jinnienomuyeppo-youtube


3 comments October 9, 2008

Cuteness probably saved their life, but practically killed mine!


I’m dying over these pictures! They are the new photos from their shoot for Junior Magazine, and they are ADORKABLE! They look like the biggest Christmas sweaters dorks I’ve ever seen, and still look like they’re ready to eat. Why are they surrounded by present anyway? They are MORE than enough! (*This seriously relates to the magazine caption “All I want for Christmas is you”) Hopefully Santa’s bag is big enough for 5 (approx. 6’0″) men.  


wonbin minhwan hongki junghun jaejin

2 comments November 27, 2007


Yes, my hope for Choi Jung Hoon of F.T Island has been taken. He has a girlfriend! They are a cute couple, I forcefully admit. She is absolutely, positively Lucky to have such an corny boyfriend, who is so good looking, must I add. They took photos together, and he looks really good and does the corniest, puppy-eyed poses I’ve ever seen. Even though this has happened there is still the other four to pick from, so I still have hope.


3 comments November 26, 2007


You heard correct! FT Island is already having their first concert, this January. One show only on the 13th of January. I love the promotional poster, its so laid back and the background is so good. It reminds me of Coffee Prince. I wish they had a concert closer to my house, then in another country. Even though it’s in another country, I’m very happy that after such a short period of time they are already having their first concert. Some bands had their first concert after 1 and a half years. Super Junior hasn’t even had an official concert yet. Good job guys.


2 comments November 26, 2007

Being cute, CAN save your life…

I thought they wouldn’t even be caught dead, dressed like this… It’s good they are cute, because I’d probably pounce on them for a fashion “NO, GO.” Well, actually if I saw them in real life I’d probably pounce on them..

The point is… why are they wearing such clothing? HongKi looks like a pimp :(, making him the worse dressed, and being extremely BIAS, I think Minhwan looks the best. Oh well, they were bound to have a bad fashion day soon.



2 comments November 18, 2007



It’s Minhwan’s birthday!! Today he’ll be blowing out 15 candles… I can’t believe he is half a year younger than me :(! ohh well, i heard he is interested in Noonas.. Well I wish you all success and hope you get the biggest cake in the world and HEAPS of prezzies ! >.<

7 comments November 11, 2007

They have caught my attention already!!


O-MI-ZOD! It’s the three musketeers, I’m currently in LOVE with JAEJIN ^^ (for certain personal reasons), I like Kim Dong Wook too, because his personality grabbed me in Coffee Prince… I bet your saying out loud, RIGHT NOW, “MY CHAN!” and Lee Jung… Well what more can I say, he’s hilarious, but I feel as if he’s incomplete without his B.F.Fs Kim Jong Min and Shim Hwan Jung, but I’m sure he can survive without them. Now after seeing Jaejin, ever so sexy in this photo, I THINKS IT’S A MUST WATCH!

The three musketeers

2 comments November 8, 2007

What’s their problem?

I’m literally crying at the moment, because I’ve read the most horrible news in my life, aside from the U-know Yunho poisoning. Seriously? What is wrong with anti-fans? They are scaring the life out of me. I have a weak heart and I’m completely worried for Korean bands, I feel like the “omma” that needs to protect them, because these anti-fans are forceful attackers. Well, back to the story… Anti-fans made up a rumor saying that Lee Hong-Ki (the sexy lead singer of F.T. Island) said the following about Super Junior/DBSK:

Super Junior has the worst singers, worst dancers, and they are so ugly. They always lip-sync and their dance moves are so dumb. They look so old and they aren’t even cute. They think they’re funny, cute and loveable but they are not! The members are so fat, esp. their pig, Shindong. i hate Super Junior! They are the worst band ever like DBSk/TVXQ. Hee Chul- broadcasting can eat your age. It’s nice when you only look good. When i saw him at the waiting room, he looked like a grandfather with wrinkles (some other stuff)….Ryeo Wook- Son of a pig, he stopped dieting and got liposuction, didn’t he? Did us all a favor… Ye Sung- Do I need any words? Is that a even face?

What FT Island’s lead vocal, HongKi said to DBSK/TVXQ:
YunHo- Go back to your home, nobody wants you here.
JaeJoong- Go open a restaurant with your nunas.
JunSu- I hate hearing your voice, do you think your like the Kim JongKook, or what?!
YooChun- Go Back to America, nobody wants you here. I heard your parents got divorced you orphan *curse word*.
You sing for *the S curse* and your tall for now reason. Last time, you
were in a rush and you pushed KyuHyun hyung and you didn’t even say sorry to him.


Don’t they have a life? Can’t they do something better with their time? Instead of giving unnecessary commenting towards world-wide adored bands. F.T. Island’s cute and sexy members aren’t that stupid to do that, after debut, and Hong Ki is even good friends with Yunho and Kangin. I would start anti-fans against anti-fans, but that’s too immoral so I’m just going to give the talented bands all the love their deserve, and strongly fight along beside them.


12 comments November 3, 2007






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