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Shinhwa is back !

For all those who don’t know Shinhwa, (which I know is impossible for noone to know). Shinhwa is a boyband of 6 gorgeous men (some being Andy, Lee Minwoo and Eric), who has had major success internationally and has promoted the Korean Entertainment business, enormously. They are now BACK! After 11 months of pursuing solo careers they have now got a winter project. I cannot wait to see what they have put together this year, with more wisdom and more diverse talent.



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Haewook couple… So cute

This is another part of their conversation on Chunji, except this one is a WHOLE lot funnier. It’s Ryeowook confessing his love for Donghae… Got you there! You’ll understand what mean one you read it. Credits to Cindy-Donghae-Lover (again).

haewook haewook haewook

Donghae: Ah… Ryeowook said he was going to marry me..
Kangin: Really?
Ryeowook: Yeah, I want to marry Donghae.
Kangin: Why?
Donghae: No, there was a question.. IF Ryeowook was a girl which one of the members would he marry, and he said me.
Kangin: Why?
Donghae: ..Why?
Ryeowook: Do I have to reveal it here?
Donghae: Reveal it.
Kangin: Say it.
Ryeowook: I really like you, Donghae sshi.
Donghae: Ah, why… no, I mean, why do you like me!
Ryeowook: Why are you like this?
Donghae: No.. it’s just weird.
Ryeowook: Hyung, you don’t like me?
Donghae: No, I like you but.. if I don’t say it it’ll be all weird.
Ryeowook: What’s weird?
Donghae: For the people who are listening…
Ryeowook: I just like you, all the words that you say.. (Hae laughing like an insano in the background) the way you read some things wrong.. the way you smile like this..
Kangin: For real? Really? You have to say it right.
Ryeowook: I like it.
Kangin: You would even marry him?
Donghae: I can’t do it.
Kangin: Ryeowook, Donghae said he can’t do it..
Ryeowook: The problem is that I’m not a girl..
Kangin: In some countries they allow gay marriage..
Ryeowook: No, why are you being like this?!?!
Kangin: If both of you have the heart to get married, I can help you~
Ryeowook: No, I don’t want to!
Kangin: Okay………. Ryeowook is being weird… you… don’t come into my room anymore.
Donghae: Ryeowook… slept in my room.
Ryeowook: Why are you like this~~~?
Donghae: He just brought his computer, and he could’ve just done it in his room but he came into my room and sat in my chair and used the computer. So I was like ‘uh.. aren’t you going to sleep?’ and he was like ‘Hyung, I’m going to sleep here.’ So I was like ‘Here?! But you have your own bed in your own room.’
Ryeowook: But there was like no one there!
Donghae/Kangin: Where?
Ryeowook: There was no one in the room~ Everyone else went home~ So……….. we slept together~~
(All laughing like crazy)
Kangin: Okay, no more no more no more!

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I just fell for Woo Woo…


I just fell in love with the new couple “Woo Woo” (Lee Min WOO and Jang WOO Hyuk), after witnessing 2005’s Xman Christmas special, now I hear this!

Lee Minwoo left 1 hour before MKMF began, believing that the awards were rigged due to the girl sent from heaven, TSZQ the Grace, Best Dance Music Award. Minwoo received an unbelievable amount of internet votes. The MKMF members then explained that the internet votes by the public only count as (20%) in the final vote count. There is also professional judging (20%), research (30%), record sales (10%) and digital charts (10%).

Even the celebrities think MKMF is rigged. Everyone is now caught up in this whole voting system. Even though, personally, I believe Lee Minwoo does deserve it. They should all be happy for each other. I’m sure that in one point in Stephanie, Dana, Sunday or Lina’s lives they have supported Shinhwa or M. He should return the favor, and stop acting like a drama queen. Suck it up and take it like a man!

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