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Super Junior-M. Hwaiting

A companion of mine has recently sent me a new link to a new blog dedicated to Super Junior-M (Super Junior in Mandarin), and honestly I think it’s appalling to see Elves act so savagely. Elves are there to support Super Junior through everything, thick or thin. Elves, I am telling you now that Super Junior will always remains as they are, I mean most of you didn’t complain when KyuHyun joined and now suddenly you are bagging out two innocent human beings and for what? They are just a sub-group. LeeTeuk will always be your angel, HeeChul will always be your Cinderella, HanKyung will always be your dragon, YeSung will always be your doggie, KangIn will always be your strength, ShinDong will always be your happiness, SungMin will always be your cutie, EunHyuk will always be your jewel, DongHae will always be your fishy, SiWon will always be horsie, RyeoWook will always be your eternal magnae, KiBum will always be your mature and KyuHyun will always be your magnae. That will never change! So please just support Super Junior-M, just like Super Junior want you to do, if you really love Super Junior then you would do that. I mean what is there to lose? Super Junior won’t change, plus Henry and Zhoumi are quite hot, you must admit. So, mandarin “U”, fighting. Super Junior, fighting, and of course, Super Junior-M FIGHTING !

Elves please just watch their new MV, you won’t be disappointed.


2 comments April 8, 2008


Super Junior’s Hankyung (the chef) has officially been chose as one of the carriers of the Olympic Torch, for the Beijing 2008 Olympics, it has just been announced. Now I have a reason to watch the Olympics next year, since I’m not the “sports” type.


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What’s on this Friday…?

SMTOWN 2007 Winter Project. The album officially comes out this Friday, the 7th of the December. The tracks include:

01. 사랑 하나죠 (Only Love) – SM TOWN
02. 12
(On December 27) – BoA*
03. Evergreen –
(First Snow) – Super Junior
05. We Wish You A Merry Christmas & Feliz Navidad –
06. Winter WOnderland – KANGTA
07. Love Melody –
08. Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas –
눈꽃이 날리면 (When snow scatters) – 추가열
(Chu Gayeol)
10. Oh Holy night –
(Jang Riin)
유년의 크리스마스 (Christmas of Childhood) – 송광식
(Song Gwangsik)
여행기 (TRAVELING) – 동방신기 (Bonus Track) (DBSK)

I can’t wait for this, because Leaving for Vacation was great this year and now they have another member to the family… The talented SNSD! I can’t wait to witness what they colloaborated.


2 comments December 5, 2007

SM reunion

BoA, Super Junior’s Eeteuk, Kangin and Siwon. As well as DBSK’s Yunho and Micky, gathered to attend the Korean Cultural Industry Policy Meeting (organised by the government) to listen to the talks regarding the selection of Korea’s Cultural Ambassador. Personally, with BoA never-ending popularity on the rise, she would be a great model to take on the role, providing awareness to more people about Korea’s culture, worldwide.



I think this gathering is great for BoA and Micky, since they are very close friends and haven’t seen each other very often, due to schedules. It’s great to see such a smile on BoA’s face.

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I like you now, Wookie!

This is really funny! I didn’t like Ryeowook a lot since he didn’t appeal to me like the other members, but this really opened my eyes to his dumbfounded humor and innocence. This is an extract from a Chunji discussion, that’s been extracted. Credits to Cindy-Donghae-Lover.


Donghae: For me, our first performance
Kangin: First performance…
Ryeowook: For me, my first kiss..
Kangin: How old were you when you had your first kiss?
Ryeowook: Me..? 18 years old
Kangin: With who?
Ryeowook: ..With who??.. with a girl..
Kangin: wasn’t with Donghae, right..?
Donghae: Not me~~
Ryeowook: With Donghae? (In the future) I will~
Donghae: (All embarassed) KAKAHFKSFLIEFNDK!! ¹«½¼!! {¹«½¼ was the phrase that the dongbang boys said on xman; means
something like ‘what’}
(The sound of holding in laughter)
Kangin: The mood between you two is strange..
Donghae: You can’t be like this you stupid~! If you say that everyone will believe you~!!!
Ryeowook: ¹Ï¾î¿ä~? {¹Ï¾î¿ä is the title of one of dongbang’s songs; means ‘believe/trust’}
Donghae: ¹Ï¾î¿ä~~
Ryeowook: ¹Ï¾î¿ä~~~~~~¢Ý
Donghae: Ahh… now.. with him.. PD´Ô, don’t let me come on radio with him anymore. I think I should cut off all
connections with him…
Kangin: You mean there were ‘connections’ between you two??
Donghae: Nooo, only a relationship between members~ I think now we should only meet for work purposes~

having a “pig dream” is like this thing in korea which means you have good luck if you have a dream with pigs.
and like people pay other people to ‘buy’ their pig dreams off of them and stuff… yeah, weird.

Donghae: But… I think pig dreams don’t actually come out..
Kangin: What doesn’t come out?
Donghae: Like in a dream..
Kangin: No, they do~
Ryeowook: Pigs?
Donghae: I haven’t had a pig come out in my dream, ever..
Kangin: A pig dream doesn’t necessarily mean that a pig will come out and go “oink oink” in your dream,
if you have a good dream you just call it a pig dream.
Donghae: No~ A pig has to come out. You have to be holding the pig for it to be a REAL pig dream…
Kangin: No, that’s partly right but… (Ryeo laughing crazily at Hae’s stupidity in the background) Donghae sshi..
stop trying to pull off the dork concept again..
Ryeowook: SsaDaSsa.. {I’m sure everyone knows what this is by now, but SDS is a fake parody that Shindong, Donghae,
and Sungmin made off of KRY, and they joke that it stands for their initials, but also for SsaDaSsa, which means
“Cheap, it’s cheap” in korean}
Donghae: No, it’s not being cheap, it just that…
Kangin: (Directed towards Ryeo) Who are you to say that he’s cheap..
Donghae: I’m just innocently believing it.. really..
Kangin: (To Ryeo) Why are you saying that it’s cheap, making people feel bad…
Donghae: (To Ryeo) You, get out~
Kangin: (To Donghae) Say something. Don’t hold [your anger] in, you’ll get a disease..
Ryeowook: Why are you guys being like this??
Donghae: WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2 comments November 26, 2007

Donghae, colour racist?

LOL… Don’t take the title the wrong way… I just have a hilarious translation from a radio show, i think it was kiss the radio… And Donghae says he likes all colours except PINK! All thanks to…….. you guessed it!




DongHae hates pink colour..

Today LeeTeuk wore white and DongHae wore black. Donghae ahh..If let you choose a color to represent yourself. What will you choose?

Erm..I will choose black. I like black very much.

3 comments November 13, 2007

Random much? (*Mrs Kirsha Lee dedication)


It was halloween, but that didn’t need to be the excuse for Sungmin to be this cute and random. Though Super Junior is going for the “bad boy” concept, its always going to be perpetual cuteness. Sungmin, I think I’m starting to accept you again, that face cannot stay stray for my heart much longer.


1 comment November 8, 2007

I’ve committed a sin…. ENVY?

Gosh, if only I was 10 years younger, wore yellow dresses, lived in Korea and was just as cute as her… IF ONLY!? She is the luckiest little girl I know, kissing HeeChul, doing exclusive Camera Whoring and hugging world loved Super Junior members… I’m GREEN with envy, if i was really there I probably wouldn’t let go… Well, maybe until the sun rise of the next day… The photo with HeeChul, I personally believe, is the best one!








1 comment November 6, 2007


Can you believe 600 Elves gathered in front of SM Building, blocking all pedestrians way, just because of the new idea of having the Super Junior sub group, Super Junior China? This is shocking, why would they protest about the sub group, and adding an additional member, the talented Henry? The guy that made Super Junior’s single “Don’t Don” even greater! Why, Elves should be welcoming the member with open arms, its not like he cannot play an instrument, and it’s not like he’s ugly? Well, Super Junior China and Henry has my vote, I wish you all success.

In front of SM

3 comments November 4, 2007

What’s their problem?

I’m literally crying at the moment, because I’ve read the most horrible news in my life, aside from the U-know Yunho poisoning. Seriously? What is wrong with anti-fans? They are scaring the life out of me. I have a weak heart and I’m completely worried for Korean bands, I feel like the “omma” that needs to protect them, because these anti-fans are forceful attackers. Well, back to the story… Anti-fans made up a rumor saying that Lee Hong-Ki (the sexy lead singer of F.T. Island) said the following about Super Junior/DBSK:

Super Junior has the worst singers, worst dancers, and they are so ugly. They always lip-sync and their dance moves are so dumb. They look so old and they aren’t even cute. They think they’re funny, cute and loveable but they are not! The members are so fat, esp. their pig, Shindong. i hate Super Junior! They are the worst band ever like DBSk/TVXQ. Hee Chul- broadcasting can eat your age. It’s nice when you only look good. When i saw him at the waiting room, he looked like a grandfather with wrinkles (some other stuff)….Ryeo Wook- Son of a pig, he stopped dieting and got liposuction, didn’t he? Did us all a favor… Ye Sung- Do I need any words? Is that a even face?

What FT Island’s lead vocal, HongKi said to DBSK/TVXQ:
YunHo- Go back to your home, nobody wants you here.
JaeJoong- Go open a restaurant with your nunas.
JunSu- I hate hearing your voice, do you think your like the Kim JongKook, or what?!
YooChun- Go Back to America, nobody wants you here. I heard your parents got divorced you orphan *curse word*.
You sing for *the S curse* and your tall for now reason. Last time, you
were in a rush and you pushed KyuHyun hyung and you didn’t even say sorry to him.


Don’t they have a life? Can’t they do something better with their time? Instead of giving unnecessary commenting towards world-wide adored bands. F.T. Island’s cute and sexy members aren’t that stupid to do that, after debut, and Hong Ki is even good friends with Yunho and Kangin. I would start anti-fans against anti-fans, but that’s too immoral so I’m just going to give the talented bands all the love their deserve, and strongly fight along beside them.


12 comments November 3, 2007






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