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This post is to say to everyone… I’m REALLY sorry ! I haven’t been writing because everyone is getting updated before I can even write !  There’s so much news! But ! I’m going to begin writing now ! PLEASE read it regularly.. THANK YOU


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Changminnie, I think all the cute things you do are taking over this blog!

changminiescuteWithout the knowledge of the media and SM entertainment, Shim (Choikang) Changmin went to the East Sea oil spillage to help clean up. He’s really a genuine guy, I still can’t believe that he’s never had a first love yet… who wouldn’t want this pretty face, sexy bod and heart of gold that is already in a very tall package?

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The joker and the queen are in love?


The woman with Korea’s royally irresistible body, Hyun Youn (31) and Korea’s joker you can irresistibly laugh at, Kim Jong Min (28) have been dating for a year. It was caught on camera on New Year’s eve and was confirmed by Hyun Young herself yesterday. She was attracted to his persistence and innocence, and I agree to that. He’s is quite a catch and I’m happy for her!

Congrats to the new and happy couple…

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Happy 4th Anniversary !!


(To the melody of the 12 days of Christmas) On the 26th of December, SM entertainment gave to the world….. 5 Gods of the East…

Dong Bang Shin Ki’s debut was in the year 2003, on Boxing day we now celebrate 4 years of success ! We must be happy for all the joy they gave to us these four years, working hard to please our needs (=P), enduring all pain whilst passing all obstacles that were ahead of them.


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Kwon Sang-Woo to the rescue !

KBS 2TV have been filming a new drama called “Bad Love” starring Kwon Sang Woo and Lee Yo Won. When the last scene for the 3rd episode was being shot at Samcheok in Gangwoon-do, there was a fire incident.

There was heavy rain resulting to the school building closing down, trapping the cast and crew in for hours. A staff member poured a little gasoline onto burning logs to make the fire grow a little bigger, this action then made the flames spread to the walls. Then the heroic Kwon Sang-woo with that perfect body of his, and quick and skillful reflexes rushing through the flames and opening the window to put out the fire. What a dream…. So K-drama !


2 comments December 14, 2007

Poor BoA..


BoA has recently confessed that she has been suffering mild depression, due to her busy schedules and long hours of work. Since here 2006 album “OUTGROW” she has felt that she has lost her sense of identity. She no longer enjoys singing and performing on stage. She only has the constant thought in her mind that she is never going to give up her dream to begin studying in the U.S. at the age of 25… BoA never give up, pursue your dream, you have come this far and nothing can get in your way.

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Super Junior’s Hankyung (the chef) has officially been chose as one of the carriers of the Olympic Torch, for the Beijing 2008 Olympics, it has just been announced. Now I have a reason to watch the Olympics next year, since I’m not the “sports” type.


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I said I’d talk fashion, so here it is….

Here’s some new outfits by the Korean brands Noorook and Gaksultang, these are obviously winter clothings because its winter there in South Korea, but I really enjoy looking at these new styles and here are some of the outfits that stood out for my personal taste. These are some of the Noorook products:


This is a Strip Knitted Long Vest valued at US$22.00 (AUD$25.00).


A Genuine Fur Trimmed Knitted Jacket valued at US$68.00 (AUS$77.35).


This is a Frill Layered Checkered Dress valued at US$55.00 (AUS$62.60).


These are two types of Wool shorts valued at US$28.00 (AUS$31.85)

The images below are now four outstanding clothing items of GakSultang.


These are button Point Tailored Jackets of two different colours (black and grey) valued at US$88.00 (AUS$100.10)


This is a Genuine Fur Trimmed Jacket valued at US$50.00 (AUD$56.80).


I like this dress, I don’t know why because I wouldn’t wear it myself, but I really like. It’s a Frilled Layered Dress with a Built In Bra valued at US$55.00 (AUS$62.60)


A Knitted Long Hoodie Jacket (available in colours black and grey) valued at US$52.00 (AUD$59.20).

Credits to: yesstyle.com (where you can purchase these items)

(PS The postage price isn’t included in the prices above.)

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Changminnie gets even cuter..

Here’s a diary entry of DBSK’s Changmin in 1999, when he was 11 (how cute^^). IT says how much he hates studying, and the red bit is him marking his own diary entry. How HILARIOUS!


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The Korean entertainment’s way of battle…


Today, is the day where SM Entertainment’s SNSD Girls Generation and JYP’s The Wondergirls are going to have a rivalry concert battle. This is where these groups sing each others songs, and is then determined (via judging) who is the best female group between the two.

Who do you think will win?
1) SNSD Girls Generation
2) The Wondergirls
3) Both are terrific
4) They both suckView Results

Make your own poll

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