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Mirotic is so Erotic..

Every person in the world must admit that you absolutely cannot resist the way their bodies move and look, and their eyes’ gaze allowing you to look into their soul. It’s absolutely irresistable.

The boys, I mean men (just look at their build), have done not only themselves but us Cassiopeians extremely proud, with pre-orders alone being over 300,000, breaking the old pre-order record of 150,000 copies which was also their other album “”O”‐正.反.合.”

‘TVXQ, Deep Seoul Insight congratulates you on your success. Your extremely hard work is paying off and there is still more to expect in the near future. I respect you all and your work. Each one of you; Yunho, Jaejoong, Changmin, Micky and Junsu, are all individually gifted and God has blessed you each greatly. Now the world blessed for you’re all able to share your talent with us. TVXQ’s persistence to always do more, do better, touches my heart greatly. Though there are many adversities in the past, present and future, together you overcome it, no matter how great or small and that is what truly makes you the most respected and best.”

Now, back to the readers. Here is the MV, photos of their performances in the Asian Song Festival and comeback, etc. Plus, BUY MIROTIC! It’s not a waste of money and your can get a photo album OR a DVD if you understand Korean. It is worth every cent. Believe me.

“021008 Mnet countdown”


ps. more to upload, but its late atm.. keep coming back to this post i’ll make posts to go back here whenever i update. thankyou

credits to; Sumberlosy-youtube, and fangirlmitz-blogspot.


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What a romantic?

Even the ones that haven’t experienced, can still be the number one romantics in the world. The single man for all 19 years of his life, can still melt a girls heart, not only with his cute charms and unique, erotic voice but also with the actions he would ideally so for the girl he like. Evidence is in the translation of his interview is below, its from Pinky Magazine where Changmin became the first DBSK member to have a photoshoot away from the other members and with another GIRL..

Basic Romance Data
Type of girls you like (appearance): There isn’t really anything in particular but someone who’s a bit tall
Type of girls you like (character): I like cheerful girls. I’m a bit shy…
Christmas Date Budget: Since Christmas is special I’d probably spend around 50000 yen [roughly $500] all together including presents?
Romance Policy: Definitely calling each other everyday! Also, being affectionate towards each other.

Changmin: I was really nervous today… I am the first member in Tohoshinki to have a solo photoshoot with a girl. That’s why all the members were showing their disapproval towards me yesterday. “I’m so envious!” “Why is it only you!?” They said such things. (Laugh)
Nozomi: Recently I was really looking forward to seeing Tohoshinki’s Live at the Tokyo Girl’s Collection but I was in the middle of make up and couldn’t see it. That’s why I’m so happy to be able to meet you today! But today’s photoshoot was so embarrassing I kept thinking “Ah, What to do?” Especially when we had to exchange glances and that ice cream scene!! When I was worried over my hand sweating you asked me “Is everything alright?” That made me think “Ah~ Korean men are so kind.” By the way, we are the same age aren’t we??
Changmin: Yes we are. But Nozomi-san you look a bit younger than me… It’s a bit sad, isn’t it? [he thinks he looks old]
Nozomi: Hahaha! Changmin-san what types of girls do you like?
Changmin: There isn’t really anything in particular but someone who is kind of tall would be good. Since I am tall, probably someone who is around 160cm or above?
Nozomi: How tall are you?
Changmin: I am 185-6cm.
Nozomi: So cool~~!
Changmin: It’s thanks to my parents.
Nozomi: (Laugh) Why do you want to go to an amusement park for a Christmas date?
Changmin: This is somewhat embarrassing… Umm…First of all on a Christmas date I would arrive at our meeting place 5 minutes earlier to wait for her. Then when she arrives I’ll give her a bunch of flowers.
Nozomi: Wow! Japanese males can’t quite do that very well. What next?
Changmin: We’ll go to the amusement park together. The amusement park has always been a place I wanted to go to if I had a girlfriend. Of all the rides the Ferris wheel would be good!! There aren’t as many Ferris wheels in Korea compared to Japan. The first time I came to Japan I saw the Ferris wheel in Yokohama while we were driving by and I thought “I want to ride that with my girlfriend.” And when we are on it I’ll tell her “I like/love you.” It’s embarrassing isn’t it? I’m a bit shy so this is a bit hard. Sorry.
A present for my girlfriend? Umm…I think a muffler would be good. It’s very cold in winter and I don’t want my precious girlfriend to get a cold so I want to keep her warm with a muffler.
Nozomi: Ah! Are you by any chance the type that always butters up to /fawn upon/flatters girls? [ie. Act cute/sweet]
Changmin: My character is sort of stiff. (Laugh) I can’t really but I want to, to my girlfriend so I’ll give it my all. But since I was small I’ve never really kissed up to anyone, even my parents so I can’t do it well. I can explain things through words but I’m weak at expressing myself through actions. That’s why in today’s photoshoot I became all stiff.
Nozomi: Me too. (Laugh) By the way, you requested for “preppy” styled clothing, why is that?
Changmin: I used the protagonist of the movie “Devil wears Prada” as my image and somehow just wrote that down. I think it really suits you and it looks cute. Since its winter, I’d be happiest if she was dressed warmly. If she seems cold, naturally I’d lend her my coat.
Nozomi: So wonderful ♥♥… I heard that couples in Korea really cherish anniversaries. Is this true?
Changmin: On the 100th day or like 200th day, couples would exchange gifts and or go on trips together. For those males who have a lot of courage, they would go to places with lots of people, for example if it was in Japan places such as Shibuya and Harajuku. They would take their girlfriend there and shout out in front of everyone “I would like to introduce my girlfriend to you all! I love my girlfriend very much!” They would endure the embarrassment to show their girlfriends, just how much she means to him. I haven’t done it before but I’d like to try.
This is something I was surprised to hear that doesn’t really happen in Japan, couple look. Couple look is very common in Korea. I also haven’t done it before but I’d like to try. There’s so much I want to try. (Laugh)
Nozomi: On Christmas what would you like your girlfriend to do for you? Please tell us.
Changmin: Just being with her is good enough. If I really like her then it doesn’t matter what she wears or what make up she has on she’d be sparkling in my eyes.

The staff became embarrassed watching the photoshoot of these two shy people who were embarrassed and didn’t want to approach each other. We ran out of time so they didn’t even get to ride on the most essential, Ferris wheel! Changmin’s poems that were overflowing with kindness were very impressive.
Changmin and Sasaki Nozomi

How cute are they together, only if my face replaced hers.

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I have no doubt that this CF will be a cause for Samsung’s future sudden rise in sales. With Miss. BoA Kwon, spending her precious time in Brazil for the shoot, who can doubt. Junsu is so sexy, with the hot glasses and that facial expression that makes you want to have more. I can’t wait to see what Epik High’s talented Tablo will produce now, being that he has been hiding to film new dramas and not been writing more of those deeply thought songs. This is also something that will promote Bora, due to the fact i never knew she existed, so being with these top stars will really get her popularity rising.

Isn’t Junsu hot?

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